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What if Politicians Were Musicians?

Bush's cabinet (2001-2009) funnily portrayed as a rock band in the excellent essay by Ian F. Svenonius ''Super Natural Strategies for Making a Rock 'N' Roll Group''

.....Bush, selected for his everyman affability, is the singer. Cheney, not personable but notoriously controlling, is the lead guitarist. Rice, a team player known for her appearance and style, would be on bass; and Don Rumsfeld is the classic drummer-an idiotic megalomaniac showman, simmering with resentment at not being the top dog. 



What if Musical Instruments Were Body Parts

Accordion Crimes book cover

Inpiring Excerpt I thought was worth sharing from a book I'm currently reading: Accordion Crimes by Pulitzer Prize-Winning author Annie Proulx,:

''You got to think a musical instrument is human or, anyway, alive,'' said Beutle. ''You take fiddle now, we say it has a neck, and in the human neck what do you find? Vocal cords like strings, where the sound comes from. Now, the accordion, we have here an instrument that breathes! It breathes, it lives. Jesus Christ! Even so without a neck. Lungs it's got. An d the piano? The keys are fingers, answering your fingers. The trumpet, the cornet, is a nose. That you blow...''